3 Guided Meditations to Connect with Love

Try these Short & Blissful Guided Meditations Today!

These are a few of my absolute favorite guided meditations – each one fills me with clarity and self-love, as well as a deep feeling of connection with myself.

Meditation is an important spiritual self-care practice with many benefits. But sometimes it can be hard to commit to sit down and let go, especially when we feel busy. With these three short, blissful guided meditations you’ll be inspired to meditate every day.

Check out these videos (they are all beginner-friendly!) and get inspired to take a few minutes (15, 10, or just 3 and a half minutes!) of your day to connect with love and your spiritual Self.

Try these meditations with my simple, 7-step ayurvedic self-care morning routine.

Guided Self-Love Crystal Bowl Meditation

If you have never listened to Mei-Lan Maurits, now is the time. I head to her channel anytime I need relaxation or a little spiritual self-care.

In this meditation, her gentle words guide you deep into the heart of self-love and back to the spiritual Self. Her angelic singing voice and crystal singing bowls surround you in an auditory dream world, helping you feel deeply at peace.

So open, beloved one.

Open to the love that you are.

This is the truth of your essence.

Blossom open like a rose

and receive.

You are infinitely worthy, and I love you always.


Mei-Lan is a truly special being who has brought so much love into my life through her videos. Raise your frequency with this blissful 15-minute meditation.

Guided Grounding Unity Breath Meditation

The next meditation is Unity Breath. In this grounding 10-minute meditation, Drunvalo Melchizedek guides you to experience all-encompassing love for the universe. Drunvalo shares the Unity Breath in his book Living in the Heart, a short but beautiful book he wrote about reconnecting with the heart space.

Guided Loving Awareness Meditation

Finally, we have a super short (Only 3 and a half minutes!) Loving Awareness meditation from Ram Dass. He is the author of another of my favorite books, Be Here Now.

So, to get from ego to the true self I said: “I am loving awareness.” Loving awareness is the soul. I am loving awareness. I am aware of everything, I’m aware of my body and my senses and my mind, I’m aware of all of it, but I notice that I’m loving all of it. I’m loving all of the world. The self that I identify with emanates from the ocean of love. The self that is the ego is the ocean of fear.


Be Here Now is beautifully illustrated and is like no other spiritual book I have ever read. Treat yourself to some spiritual self-care and get this essential spiritual guidebook by clicking the cover above.

While you wait for it to arrive, check out Ram Dass’ many other inspiring and insightful books with a 30-day free trial to Audible.

Some of my favorites are Paths to God, How Can I Help, Be Love Now, and Journey to Awakening.

Click here to sign up for your free 30-day trial and get a free audiobook!

Learn more about Ram Dass and his foundation Love, Serve, Remember at ramdass.org.

I hope you’re inspired to try one of these short, blissful guided meditations for spiritual self-care today.

Thank you for being here,


If you found this helpful, bookmark or pin the rest for later, so you can revisit them anytime you need some meditation inspiration. I appreciate your support!

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