14 Crystals for Self-Love and How to Use Them

Crystals are powerful healing tools for the body, mind and soul. Each crystal has a unique vibration that can guide you on your journey to self-love.

Healing crystals help you take the time to nurture yourself and overcome common blockages on the way to self-love. Through their powerful, unique vibrations, they tune you to a higher frequency and promote healing, growth and, love.

self love crystals, Amethyst, Carnelian, Citrine & Turquoise
Amethyst, Carnelian, Citrine & Turquoise

How Using Healing Crystals Can Guide Your Self-Love Journey

Dedicating Time to Self-Care

Many of us are so busy that we don’t take the time to slow down and appreciate our bodies, minds, and souls. The simple act of taking the time to work with crystals and practice self-care allows time for growth and healing.

Energetic Healing Properties

Each crystal has its own structure and unique vibration. They emit this vibration at a constant frequency, and when that vibration comes into contact with a lower vibration, it can raise that vibration to match its own.

That means that when you hold a crystal or keep it near you, it helps to tune your vibration to a higher frequency. This higher frequency allows you to move past any blockages to self-love that you might be experiencing.

Attunes You To Subtle Energies

On an average day, you may notice only your more obvious physical and emotional energies. This includes body sensations and any feelings or emotions that arise.

As you work with the crystals you will begin to discover the more subtle energies that are a part of your being as well. When you use crystals in a space of stillness, you will begin to notice how each crystal affects your energy, and grow more sensitive to these changes over time.

As you become more sensitive to your subtle energy changes you can observe how your everyday actions and interactions affect you. Attunement to your subtle energies can be integral to your healing process and help you become aware of your blocks to self-love.

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Healing Crystals For Self-Love

These are my favorite crystals for my self-love practices. They can guide you to overcome obstacles you may encounter on your journey to self-love.

Crystals can help overcome everything from negative body image to lack of motivation to anxious thoughts or reprogramming old beliefs. You can use crystals to guide a shift in your mindset and provide support in the healing process.

Crystals for Self-Love Quick Reference Guide

CrystalSelf-Love Healing Power
AragoniteOvercoming perfectionism, negative body image, low-self-esteem
AmethystMeditation, visualization, motivation, anxiety, overcoming addictions
CitrineMindset shifting, improving energy, fostering creativity
Desert Rose SeleniteReprogramming old patterns, shadow work, healing past wounds
KyaniteMeditation, promoting healing dreams, grief, low self-confidence
JasperShadow work, inner child healing, healing from past wounds, lowering daily stress levels
Pink CalciteHealing past wounds, promoting self-worth, dissolving resistance, finding forgiveness
PyriteFinding your passion, getting out of a rut, promoting self-worth.
MalachiteDeep emotional healing, transformation, taking responsibility for your actions
Moon StoneEmbracing your feminity, acceptance, balancing emotional instability, PMS
QuartzEnhancing any healing work you do, meditation
Rose QuartzPromotes self-love, unconditional love, self-acceptance
Smoky QuartzDetoxification, grounding, protection, and body positivity
TurquoiseSelf-expression, promoting stability, low-energy and, balancing masculine and feminine energies

The possibilities are endless. As you work with crystals you will find that it is a deeply personal practice and discover what works best for you. Listen to your heart and use the crystals that resonate with you in a way that nourishes your body, mind, and soul.

All 14 Self-love Crystals

Aragonite: The Earth-Healer Stone

Color: Brown, White, Yellow

Appearance: Sputnik, small, chalky, fibrous, translucent

Aragonite is a powerful grounding stone that facilitates a deep connection with the earth. Its grounding abilities help you to feel comfortable and healthy in your body. It fosters patience and self-acceptance and shields against oversensitivity.

Try using aragonite for overcoming perfectionism, negative body image, and low self-esteem.

Amethyst: The Spiritual Stone

Color: Dark to light purple

Appearance: Transparent, pointed crystal

Amethyst is known as the spiritual stone. It enhances intuition, serenity, emotional centering and helps you to connect with your spiritual self. It helps you feel less scattered and more focused in your daily life. Amethyst is known to improve motivation when combined with intentions.

Try using amethyst for meditation, visualization, motivation, anxiety, and overcoming addictions.

Citrine: The Stone of Abundance

Color: Light to dark yellow, occasionally brownish

Appearance: Transparent, pointed crystal. comes in geode, clusters, single points

Citrine is a stone known for its ability to help manifest abundance. It brings happiness, energy and encourages self-expression. It can help to soften your sensitivity to criticism and develop a positive outlook on life.

Try using citrine for mindset shifting, manifestation, improving energy, and fostering creativity.

Desert Rose Selenite: The Dissolving Stone

Color: Sandy beige, white or grey

Appearance: Clusters of stone ‘petals’

This crystal from the selenite family brings clarity to your life. Desert rose selenite helps to identify and dissolve self-imposed programs that get in the way of self-love.

Try using desert rose selenite for reprogramming old patterns, shadow work, and healing past wounds.

Kyanite: The Alignment Stone

Color: Light blue

Appearance: Bladed crystal, opaque, pearlized

Kyanite is a purifying stone with the power to align chakras and subtle energies and restore healing energy to the body. This stone is one of the unique stones that never needs cleansing, as it cannot hold negative energies.

It encourages you to speak your truth, fosters compassion, and dispels anger, frustration and stress.

Try using kyanite for meditation, promoting healing dreams, grief, and low self-confidence.

Jasper: The Supreme Nurturer

Color: Red, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple

Appearance: Patterned, opaque, usually tumbled or water-worn

Jasper brings you tranquility, wholeness, and groundedness. This combination gives you the courage to deal with issues in your life and promotes honesty with yourself. It offers guidance and support as it nurtures you on your journey of healing and self-growth.

Try using jasper to support shadow work, inner child healing, healing from past wounds, lowering daily stress levels.

Learn more about How to Heal Your Past Wounds with Emotional Self-Care here.

Pink Calcite: The Stone of Forgiveness

Color: Light to dark pink

Appearance: Opaque, waxy

This crystal is a powerful heart opener that can help bring forgiveness to yourself and others. It promotes self-worth and self-acceptance while healing nervousness, anxiety, and tension. Using this stone can help dissolve resistance and foster unconditional love.

Try using pink calcite for healing past wounds, promoting self-worth, dissolving resistance, and finding forgiveness.

Pyrite: The Positive Protection Stone

Color: Silver

Appearance: Cubic, small to medium in size

This stone blocks out negative energy and helps you to overcome feelings of inadequacy. It can guide you to realizing your full potential, help you recognize your abilities, and align you with your passion. Pyrite also helps foster feelings of self-worth and relieves anxiety.

Try using pyrite for finding your passion, getting out of a rut, and promoting self-worth.

Malachite: The Stone of Transformation

Color: Green

Appearance: Light and dark green bands, often polished or tumbled

Along my crystal healing journey, I’ve been given the same warning about malachite. From books and people, the advice remains the same. Malachite is a powerful stone and should be used with caution.

It amplifies both negative and positive energies in your life. These amplifications can give you the clarity to understand what is blocking your path and spark beautiful transformations. But the intensity of these amplifications can be overwhelming for some people.

If you decide to use malachite be aware of this, and practice self-awareness. It’s also worth noting that you should only use this crystal in its polished form as the dust is toxic.

Try using malachite for deep emotional healing, transformation, and taking responsibility for your actions.

Moonstone: The Stone of New Beginnings

Color: White, blue, green

Appearance: Translucent, all sizes

Moonstone enhances intuition, empathy, and receptivity. It is connected to the moon and femininity.

Moonstone can help calm and balance emotions. This stone is also known for balancing female energies and can help you to embrace your inner goddess.

Try using moonstone to embrace your feminity, for acceptance, balancing emotional instability, and PMS.

Clear Quartz: The Master Healing Stone

Color: Clear

Appearance: Pointed crystals, transparent or translucent, all sizes

Clear quartz is the most powerful healing crystal. It works on a personal level attuned to your specific energy to meet your healing needs. Keep this crystal around every day to support your journey of self-love and elevate your positive energy.

Try using clear quartz to enhance any healing work you do and for meditation.

Rose Quartz: The Stone of Unconditional Love

Color: Light to dark pink

Appearance: Pointed crystals, transparent or translucent, all sizes

Rose quartz cultivates unconditional love and infinite peace. This heart-opening crystal purifies and heals the heart.

It is an excellent stone for deep inner healing and self-love. Rose quartz helps release unexpressed emotions, removes negative energies, and replaces them with its own loving vibrations.

Rose quartz is the ultimate self-love crystal.

Try using rose quartz for self-love, unconditional love, and self-acceptance.

Smoky Quartz: The Detoxification Stone

Color: Light to dark gray, sometimes brownish or yellowish

Appearance: Pointed crystals, transparent or translucent, all sizes

Smoky quartz relieves fear and promotes emotional calmness. It can gently dissolve negative emotions and teaches you to leave behind what is no longer serving you. This crystal provides protection and clarity on your path to self-love.

Try using smoky quartz for detoxification, grounding, protection, and body positivity.

Turquoise: The Stone of Strength and Purification

Color: Turquoise, green or blue

Appearance: Opaque, veined, tumbled stones of various sizes

Turquoise allows your soul to express itself by helping to release inhibitions, limiting beliefs, and prohibitions. It promotes physical well-being and emotional strength. It assists you in creative problem solving and bringing balance to your life.

Try using turquoise for self-expression, promoting stability, low-energy and, balancing masculine and feminine energies.

How to Use Crystals For Self-Love

Now, you know a few of the best crystals for self-love, it’s time to discover some of the creative ways you can use them on your self-love journey.

Attune Your Crystal to Your Intention

When using crystals for a specific reason, it’s bests to set an intention and attune them to that purpose.

To do this, calm your mind while holding the crystal in your hand. State your intention clearly and visualize what that intention means to you. This helps your crystal to tune in to your exact intention so it knows how to best support you.

Make a Crystal Grid

Making a crystal grid involves creating a pattern of multiple crystals, all attuned to the same purpose.

-Start by creating an intention or purpose for the crystals.

-Gather crystals for the grid, make sure they have been cleansed and charged.

-Place the crystals in a pattern, beginning with the main anchor stone.

-Arrange the complimentary stones around the anchor stone.

-Activate the grid by stating your intention out loud.

The grid typically takes the form of sacred geometry like a Merkabah, a flower of life or, a seed of life. Once your crystal grid is in place, take time to connect to your intention for the grid every so often to see the ways it’s working in your life.

I wrote a complete guide on how to create a crystal grid for beginners that you can find here.

Keep Crystals in Your Pocket or Purse

Carrying crystals around is one of the easiest ways to use them. I have a chunk of smoky quartz that I bring everywhere I go. The key is choosing a stone that isn’t too delicate, as you don’t want your crystal to break. Rose quartz and amethyst make great self-love ‘pocket-stones’.

Use a Crystal Water Bottle

Crystal water bottles work by making a crystal elixir that you can drink. You can also put crystals into any drinking water, but make sure that the crystals are water- safe and are non-toxic before using them to make an elixir.

I use this rose quartz bottle from Amazon for my daily self-love healing elixir. It’s best to leave your water bottle overnight, so the water molecules have time to become attuned to the frequency of the crystal.

Keep a Crystal Under Your Pillow

Sleeping with your crystals is a simple way for crystals to work their self-love healing magic in your life. Placing a crystal under your pillow can help ward off bad dreams, improve sleep quality and attune your vibration overnight.

Simply set your intention and slide your crystal beneath your pillow. You can also keep it on your nightstand or under your bed if you find this uncomfortable.

Use Crystals as Decor

Crystals make beautiful decor and can help create loving, pure energy in your home. Try placing them on bookshelves, as centerpieces, in plants (make sure to only use water-safe crystals for this!) or anywhere else you like.

Wear Crystal Jewelry

Pendants, rings, and bracelets made with crystals work well as crystal healing tools. Find a piece that resonates with you and give it your intention.

Use Crystals in Meditation

Try doing a guided-self love meditation with your crystal, or add any crystal to your regular meditation practice to support your journey to self-love.

You can hold a crystal in your hand (crystal spheres work great for this!) or place a crystal over your heart chakra. You can also build a grid for yourself to meditate inside of, by placing crystals in a circle around you.

To learn more about meditating with crystals check out this article from bustle.com

Take a Crystal Bath

Light some candles and place your water-safe crystals in your bath with you or place them around the edge of the tub for a crystal healing self-care experience. Add some essential oils for aromatherapy and relaxation.

I wrote an article with an in-depth section on using crystals for bathing and creating a self-care bathing ritual that you can find here.

Crystals are powerful tools that can bring healing, growth, and self-love to our lives. I hope you discovered a few crystals to use on your self-love journey.

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